Saturday, 23 May 2015

CREATE ABUNDANCE 《创造丰盛》Just Released

dear All,

This is to announce that the first bilingual (English-Chinese) edition of Create Abundance 《创造丰盛》, authored by Zhang Xinyue and translated by Yuan Changming & Allen Qing Yuan, has just been released and become available today!

- For more information on Create Abundance as an institution,
please visit its English website at

- To place a purchase order, please call 778/ 929 - 8808 (English); 604/ 349 - 9190 (English or Chinese); or 604/ 779 - 3097 (Chinese)

- Here are the covers and first few pages of the book::


Create Abundance
(財富篇To Riches)


張馨月/ By Zhang Xinyue

袁昌明 袁青/
Translated by Changming Yuan & Allen Qing Yuan

      Poetry Pacific Press, Vancouver, Canada




    者:袁昌明  袁青
    址:1550 West 68th Avenue, Vancouver, BC CANADA  V6P 2V5
    本:710mmx1000mm  1/16
國際書號:IBSN 978-0-9919298-3-2


Based on the recorded lectures given by Zhang Xinyue, this book was prepared by her students; its original Chinese version was published in China in 2012.

CREATE ABUNDANCE (To Riches), original Chinese version copyright  © 2012 by Zhang Xinyue, with English translation copyright © 2015 by Changming Yuan & Allen Qing Yuan. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.  For information address: Poetry Pacific Press, 1550 W 68th Ave, Vancouver, BC  Canada  V6P 2V5; Email address: Website:

Printed and bound in the People’s Republic of China by C & C Joint Printing Co(Guangdong) Ltd
Published by Poetry Pacific Press in 2015
            Translators: Changming Yuan and Allen Qing Yuan
            Publisher: Changming Yuan
            Executive editor: Allen Qing Yuan
IBSN 978-0-9919298-3-2



for all those longing to live a life of abundance


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Power of Abundance

Chapter 2 ‘Making Decisions’ Ushers in Abundance

Chapter 3 Willing to Believe

Chapter 4 Spiritual Practice

Chapter 5 Decision of the Moment

Chapter 6 Desires

Chapter 7 Money

Chapter 8 Problems Are the Solutions Per Se

Chapter 9 Meditation Exercises

Chapter 10The Influence of the Chakras

Chapter 11 Believing in Miracles

Chapter 12 Communicating with the Cosmos

Chapter 13 Resistance

Chapter 14 Manifesting

Concluding Remarks


Interviews with Mentors



Monday, 17 November 2014

PP Press: CREATE ABUNDANCE to be released

PP Press is to release a new book in early february...

title: CREATE ABUNDANCE 《创造丰盛》 
author: Zhang Xinyue 张馨月
translator: Yuan Changming 袁昌明
publisher: PP Press (ISBN:978-0-9919298-3-2)

the original chinese version of this book was published by huaxia press (beijing) in 2012 and has gone into the 4th edition ever since. popular as it is among chinse readers, this book is one of the 6 authored thus far by Ms Zhang Xinyue, a highly inspiring and influential spiritual leader who, with a master's degree in world economics, has hundreds of thousands of students or close followers in mainland china, korea, taiwan and japan.

this book is about how to achieve/live an 'abundant' life through spiritual cultivation. as i understand it, such an 'abundant' life is characterized by physical and psychological health as well as materialistic success.

this is the first non poetry book PP Press is to publish. be that as it may, this book has much poetry in among the words. categorized as a 'body, mind and spirit' book, this work will be the first among Ms Zhang's to be published in english.

PP Press will publish this book bilingually, both in english and chinese, so that whoever interested in learning chinese or english can hopefully use it as a 'text' book.

PP Press is now working with a well-established printer in china. we plan to print 30,000 copies to begin with. with little knowledge about printing, i have to spend a lot of time on the details and actually am going through a lot of frustrating technical hassles

hope everything will turn out as planned...

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Immigrant's Autumn Just 'Retired'

'Retire' News

mainly for technical reasons, our planned new poetry collection by Nancy Anne Miller has just been 'retired' from our (lulu) project list.

as a result, the author has officially been released from the publishing agreement between her and PP. 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Immigrant's Autumn to Be Released

Dear PP Friends,

This is to announce that our third solo poetry collection titled Immigrant's Autumn by Nancy Anne Miller is to be released tomorrow on 5 August 2014, the same date on which our upcoming issue of Poetry Pacific (3.2) is slated to appear at

While we cannot wait to publish both the summer issue of our Magazine and Nancy Anne Miller's poetry collection, we look forward to receiving/reading/featuring your feedback as well as your poetry submission, either for our Magazine or as a manuscript! (for guidelines, please see our revised open call for subs.)

Happy reading!

with all best for a pleasant august,

--PP editorial team

PP's Open Call for Ms Submissions




By submitting to Poetry Pacific Press (PP Press), the submitter warrants that s/he alone has created the work s/he is submitting and that s/he owns all rights to it. The submitter will indemnify and hold PP Press and its staff harmless from and against any and all loss, damage, costs and other expenses arising out of claims, whatever their nature, resulting directly or indirectly from breach of this warranty. At the same time, the submitter/contributor agrees that PP Press can use part or all of his/her accepted material, including responses to PP's interview questions, on its Facebook and/or other similar social networking vehicles for promotional purposes.


* We read poetry manuscripts year round on a rolling basis;

* We charge no reading fee;

* Simultaneous submissions are welcome insofar as you give us notification when your manuscript is accepted elsewhere;

* For full-length collections, we normally print 80 - 120 pages of poetry; for short collections, 50 - 79 pages of poetry; for chapbooks, 30 - 49 pages of poetry;

*  Once accepted, it is the author's responsibility to solicit blurbs, proofread/copy-edit the manuscript, and make it print-ready, with the coverart, the 'Table of Contents,' the 'Acknowledgment,' and/or the 'Introduction,' if any, although we may try to help in the process;

* Our response-time is 3 - 6 months: since we never give anyone any 'rejection notice,' please feel free to do whatever you want to do with your submission if you do not get any response/acceptance from PP Press within 6 months after you send it over to us. In other words: only those accepted will get a reply;

* By publishing your work, we buy certain rights;

* Royalty and/or support plan will be discussed and agreed upon on an individual basis;

* Neither inquiry nor proposal is necessary - please send your manuscript together with your literary cv (or professional bionote) to this email address::

* Many thanks for your interest in and support of PP Press & Gooooodluuuuck!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

PP Release News: First Collection Published in 2014

Release News

a new poetry collection by Risto Lazarov has just been released by Poetry Pacific today! here is the link to view/buy::


A Seashell Anchored in the Centuries

List Price: $15.49
Price: $13.17
You Save: $2.32 ( 15% )
Ships in 3-5 business days
The newest poetry book by Risto Lazarov, full of fresh imagery and intriguing insight.

Product Details

First Edition
Poetry Pacific
January 16, 2014
Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink
Black & white
0.45 lbs.
Dimensions (inches)
6 wide x 9 tall

The poetry book  Smallstepper by Risto Lazarov is the living proof that the freshness of the poetry word can be preserved in poetry book that has been written decades after the first one.  This newest poetry book written by Lazarov is his twenty first, published forty years after his first “Night bird in the park”. With this Smallstepper he is drawing his own poetic geography, from Skopje to Prague, from Belgrade to Terezin, from Istanbul to Berlin, from the Andes to Altai, from Japan to home. And within this poetic map of the world the quest for the soul-mates is occurring, people known and unknown, from the ones which he will meet on purpose or accidentally, to those with which the meeting is only imaginary. My favorite poem from Smallstepper is “Daisy: a girl with gondolas in her eyes/look”, but here as a reference for the future readers I will quote a verse from another poem from the book named “Brecht on the beginning of the 21st century”: On the small graveyard in Berlin/ on the beginning of the twenty first century/ the reality smells biter/ like formalin leaked/ from the old jars of history/ which does not stop to repeat itself.

-Goce Smilevski, Winner of the European Prize for Literature 2011.

The last poetry book by Risto Lazarov is “freshly bathed/perfumed/and prepared/ … angelic beauty” which one can meet through one of the streets of Skopje, and as “real smallstepper/ she knows that as smaller steps it makes/ as farther it will gets”, and we (the book and me) have really met changing a few cities: Skopje – Leipzig- Ljubljana- Graz- Ljubljana.  In this book there are as many anthological poems as there are not so many in the real anthologies. It is nicely (but not carefree and with no danger) one to go deep in the truths, known to us from our everyday life, that are exposed by Lazarov in a poetic manner: “Flared, than sweaty rock – that’s history”, he says, and this acclamation hurts and heals at the same time, same as the  welfare of the reverses, or of the Andes which have always been higher than life itself, or the reality that smells bitter like formalin on the small graveyard in Berlin, or the Macedonian  fires on Kolede (the fires that are burned before Christmas ) like non-conscious of the newly-composed   roisterers, or the ballade for the return from Japan… Singing and thinking are perfectly inwrought together, synthesis of the time in which we are all contemporary to each other. This is a book to be read in a train, plain or on the footway; poetry not for the soul but for the heart, for the mind and for the soul.
-Lidija Dimkovska, Winner of the European Prize for Literature, 2013

His poetry is characterized by a lively and life-giving poetic memory. It reawakens the great enigmas of spirit in which we recognize human suffering and longing. There is in his poems a certain dialectic, a Heraclitic tension which reveals that every truth has its own opposite, i.e. that suffering gives rise to hope, that everything in this world and this century is as it is in Borges's well-known Book of  Sand.  There is not a poem by this poet which is not in its own way also cryptoethical. (Georgi Stardelov)

Risto Lazarov’s poetry leaves an impression of readability, which is referential, colloquial and communicative. It is a fine example illustrating the fact that poetry does not have to be strictly hermetic, radically ambiguous and difficult of access, as is sometimes thought. It is that principle of relaxed narration, combined with the principle of internal poetic rhythm, freedom in playing with words, jesting with petrified clichés and idioms, a poetics of impertinent pointing out, a rhetoric of apparently childlike speech, a tension between the reader and the poem and the conventional notions of lyrical forms, that give Lazarov’s poems their essential poetic charm. (Katica Kulavkova)

Risto Lazarov’s poetry has never lagged behind the development of global poetic thought. Lazarov is a modern and postmodern poet, and today it could be argued that he is primarily an urban poet in search of man "lost" amidst the urban jungle, symbolically as well as literally, in the midst of a void brimming with paradoxes, alienation, superpowers and small nations, the crucial events and everyday politics which push the life of the common man to the borders of despair and a "hideous giggle." The poetry of Risto Lazarov is a poetry about us and our time, now, always and forever. (Lidija Dimkovska)

We can freely say that Risto Lazarov’s poetry is written in accord with Rilke’s poetic theory as revealed in the novel The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge: “Verses are not, as people think, feelings… they are experiences. For the sake of a verse one must see many cities, men, and things, one must know the animals…” The poet patiently collects impressions and sensations, and putting them into order turns them into art. His expression is full, the lines are united into a vivid picture, and the language is perfectly simple, striking and symbolic. (M. Bojanic)

Risto Lazarov’s poems arise from his own lived experience. They are an explicit response to the sensations of reality, to the temptations of memories and privileged figures of one life experience. The poem is born simply because it must be, it is the fruit of a challenge shaped by reality and now requires as terrible and energetic a response as possible. In the place where events and oblivion clash, the poem begins. (Gojko Bozovic)

Friday, 27 December 2013

Flawless with Flaw Just Released

English-Chinese Poetry Collection Flawless with Flaw by Yang Lin has just been released by PP Press


由我社Poetry Pacific Press隆重出版


A Brief Introduction to Flawless with Flaw

Yang Lin’s poems in this collection convey emancipation and the eternal spirit of freedom. Setting the tone, the first presented, Not, addresses an entity that “Like a night that comes and goes, /You bloom rocks.” These poems inspire on a profound level, uplifting the heart and delighting with frequent, insightful surprises, such as “Your shadow conceals lightening / My eyes are full of thorny flowers blooming” (from Raindrops) and “The mountains are the draperies that draw open one by one / The world hiding in the bamboo groves and hills” (from The Village of Dong Folks).

Yang Lin is an accomplished poet, unbound by self-conscious constraints, at the same time discerning, sophisticated, educated. I have been enchanted by his range and brilliance.

        -- Joneve McCormick, Editor of World’s Strand & Editor/Publisher of Poetry International (USA)

       杨林这本诗集中的诗,传递了一种解放与自由的永恒精神。第一首诗《非》给“像一个去了又来的夜/盛开石头”的存在言说,从而确定了整部诗集的基调。这些诗 不仅从深层次上激发灵感,升华灵魂,而且还频频运用一个个颇具洞察力的惊奇而愉悦读者,比如:“你的影子藏着闪电”/“我的眼睛盛开带刺的花朵”(《雨 滴》)以及“群山是帷幔,一层层拉开来”/“世界藏于峻岭竹林之间”(《侗寨》)。


        -- 约尼夫·麦考密克,《世界之滨》编辑,《诗歌国际》编辑、发行人(美国)

Taking the spirit of classical forms and themes, Yang Lin transports us to a place where our modern spirits behold the beauty of universal themes. The poetic space creates a haunting emptiness. Even in this space he gives us a light to the path. These honest lines comfort and challenge. Take this journey with him. You’ll be glad you did.

        -- Doug Johnson, PhD, Editor/Publisher of Cave Moon Press (USA)


         -- 道格·约翰逊,博士,洞月出版社发行人、编辑(美国)

Inspired and inspiring, Yang Lin’s The Flawless with Flaw offers rich imagery and deep insight, which are readily perceivable to the reader even well beyond the language barrier. A highly worthy read.

        -- Changming Yuan, PhD, Author of Chansons of a Chinaman,& Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of Poetry Pacific (Canada)


        -- 袁昌明,博士,《华人之歌》作者, 《太平洋诗刊》主编、发行人(加拿大)

        Yang Lin is an exceptional poet who “deny those unreal cloud and mist, and keep dreams deeply concealed” (From Not). His poems steadily seek linguistic symmetry and balance between reality and fantasy, as well as dark and dawn. The lightning of soul lights up “the strange faces”, and the whole world in the meantime.

        -- Diablo, Litt.D., President of the International Poetry Translation and Research Centre & Executive editor of multilingual of the World Poets Quarterly (China)


         -- 野鬼,文学博士,国际诗歌翻译研究中心主席, 混语版《世界诗人》季刊执行总编(中国)